Photo:Hanako Matsumiya

Hanako Matsumiya

Violin maker in Parma, Italy.
Handcrafted Violins, Violas, Cellos. Restoration, repair, maintenance. Bow rehairing.

Hanako Matsumiya was born in Morioka, Japan in 1975.

In 1997 she attended the violinmaking school in Takatsuki under the guidance of master Takao Iwai and Ikuko Suzuki.

After graduation, she worked as an instrument restorer at “Matsuo Gengakki inc.” in Osaka for four years, learned repair and restoration techniques.

Then she attended the Parma school of violin making under the guidance of master Renato Scrollavezza and obtained her diploma in 2009.

In the same period, she started to work as an assistant in the workshop of “Scrollavezza & Zanre’ ” where she worked for eight years.

In 2016, she opened her own workshop in Parma.


Santa Cecilia International Violin Making Competition 2016 Violin : Finalist